CelluDot addresses the growing problem of agrochemical drift with a novel biopolymer technology that keeps volatile agricultural chemicals at the site of their intended use.

How It WorksAbout CelluDot

The CelluDot Vision

To redefine the practical use of bio-based suspension/emulsion technologies, offering the world a pathway for the transition to a circular economy.

The CelluDot Mission

To offer reliable and cost-effective agricultural adjuvant products, engineered from biomass waste. 

As an emerging technology platform,

CelluDot will soon offer other emulsion-based applications.
industry use case food

Organic Liquid Fertilizers

industry use case agriculture

Bioactive Compound Encapsulation

industry use case food

Animal Feed Supplements

CelluDot uses nanocellulose, extracted from agriculture and/or forestry waste to develop advanced suspension and emulsion products without the use of petroleum-derived materials.

With many applications in numerous industries, one of our focuses is to provide the agrochemical industry and all stakeholders with a win-win-win solution, from manufacturers and distributors of herbicides to GMO farmers to non-GMO farmers.  

CelluDot aims to sustainably enhance crop protection and boost agricultural productivity while meeting the demands of the growing world population vis-á-vis a decreasing global food supply, without negatively impacting human health and the environment.

With our patent-pending technology, our first commercialization effort is a cost affordable, efficacious, and environmental-friendly agricultural adjuvant that addresses the pain incurred by U.S. farmers who face ever-increasing challenges in their daily operations due to herbicide drift (i.e., particle and vapor drift).