About CelluDot 

In January of 2020, CelluDot LLC was founded to leverage and commercialize a patent-pending nanocellulose-based emulsion platform technology.

Every year, U.S. farmers (i.e., growers of soybeans, cotton, and corn) lose more than 25% of their crop yield due to herbicide drift, a phenomenon caused by the off-target movement and volatilization of herbicides. To prepare for their tank mix, farmers rely on herbicide adjuvants to improve herbicidal use and performance. But commercially available adjuvants are inefficient to solve both, vapor and particle drift. Consequently, farmers face poor tank mix preparation and herbicidal spray applications, triggering drift with the devastation of non-engineered crops and natural ecosystem. As regulated by the EPA, tank mixes must be prepared with a volatility reducing agent (VRA) that simultaneously keeps sprayed herbicide droplets on the target sites.

CelluDot offers an efficacious all-in-one herbicide adjuvant, with the benefits of a drift reducing agent (DRA), VRA and surfactant, to solve the herbicide drift problem. CelluDot’s product is compatible with any drift-prone herbicide, and works well with fungicides.

Management Team 

Team Members

Joseph Batta-Mpouma, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO (Managing Director)

Gurshagan Kandhola, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Maya Henderson

Maya Henderson
Research & Development Chemist Assistant

Avonelle Lindon
Processing Engineer  Assistant

A board of advisors, made of world class successful entrepreneurs and scientists, supplements CelluDot’s product development and commercialization efforts.

Business Board of Advisors

Kelly Phipps
Tenkoz Member & Former Business Manager at Armor Seed

Jeff Amerine
Founder & Managing Director at Startup Junkie Consulting

Angie Bailey
Co-Founder & CEO at Best In Class Suppliers

Scientific Board of Advisors

Jin-Woo Kim, PhD
Biological & Agri. Engineering, University of Arkansas

Nilda R. Burgos, PhD
Crop, Soil, & Env. Sciences, University of Arkansas 

Tommy Butts, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Agronomy & Weed Science, Purdue University


AR Governor’s Cup 2020

First Place: Walton Family Foundation Division
Winner: Innovate AR innovation Award

Heartland Challenge 2020

Third Place

AR Business of the Year 2024

Winner: Innovation Pacesetter