How it Works 

CelluDot’s solution to herbicide drift is a formulation consisting of nanocellulose-based networks that bind to the herbicide, reducing its vaporization and increasing its adherence to plants.
BioGripgets rid of pigweed
By combining the functionality of various ingredients in a single formulation, CelluDot’s convenient one-step solution will reduce farmers’ risk of errors during preparation of their tank mix with other adjuvant, while keeping the overall cost comparable to that of existing herbicidal additives.


  • Extremely coarse droplets (i.e., VMD between 500-665 micron) as per wind tunnel tests.
  • Spray droplets have low drift potential as per ASABE S572.1 size classification


  • Reduced dicamba volatility by 50%, as per EPA-based humidome tests.
  • Retained herbicidal efficacy (i.e., > 95%) against recalcitrant weeds at low adjuvant use rates (i.e., 0.5% – 1% v/v).


  • DVRA also serves as a petroleum-free, green surfactant (surface tension ≤ 30 mN/m).
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic to freshwater organisms (OECD 302B and OECD 201 tests).
  • No mixing compatibility issues with fungicides and fertilizers.